Testimonial Ronny Hansen

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ronny hansen


“At LINAK they give you a chance if you are willing to take it. You can grow and develop a career even if you start in a routine job with no special qualifications. All doors are open if you show initiative.”
Ronny started at LINAK in 1992 with just a Basic Vocational Education in iron and metal. He started in the electronics department assembling controls and control boxes. After that, he spent 10 years in the test order department assembling prototypes made to customer specifications. Then one day in 2008, he felt like a change.
Went straight to the Head of IT
“In my spare time I had taken an interest in computers and IT. So, one day I simply went and knocked on Head of IT, Lene Jensen’s door to ask if I in some way could become an IT-supporter. So now I am back at school at the age of 38.”
Glad I got the chance
“It is really something else suddenly to start learning something and having to go to school for various seminars, but I really appreciate the chance. LINAK is a great place where you can just go knock on a door if you have an idea. It is a nice place where you feel comfortable. Great colleagues and a nice atmosphere.”
Almost like family
“Back when I started it was just a job to make some money. But, today it is almost like family. We know each other and we talk openly and informally about everything. We have terrific parties at Christmas and before the summer holidays. We also have very good facilities with a nice canteen, a fitness room and all sorts of clubs for the employees.”

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