Testimonial Jacob Svennesen

jacob svennesen


“I received very fine support and opportunities during my internship at LINAK. It started with an interview during which we outlined and decided on a suitable engineer project for me to work on. On top of this I was given as many daily assignments as I could handle.”
Based on the good impressions and experiences during the internship Jakob decided first to do his final thesis at LINAK and then to apply for a permanent position as an engineer in the MEDLINE® & CARELINE® segment. He is now in charge of existing products.
Many doors
“I was attracted by the fact that LINAK is a global company with all sorts of opportunities to work with both people and technical challenges. You get to choose between many doors at LINAK. During my internship, I worked at DESKLINE®. Here quality assessment involves the aesthetics of the product. Today I am in MEDLINE & CARELINE where it is all about capacity and safety.”
It feels good to improve peoples’ lives

“It is also nice to know that you are making products that make a positive difference for people. It feels good to help improve peoples’ lives and working environments. It also means a lot that LINAK is striving to be a green company. I believe we have to think in terms of the environment. It is not enough just to make things work it is really interesting to make them work in a sustainable way.”
A nice tone of voice
It also meant a lot to Jakob that he got to know the culture and the tone of voice at LINAK during his internship. From the very beginning, he learned that quality in every detail is something that concerns all at LINAK. Colleagues make great demands on each other, but he appreciates that the tone of voice is always nice and the fact that everybody is heard.
You can always find a new challenge
“There is an informal and easy going relationship between management and employees at LINAK. You are allowed to speak out and you will be heard. If you want new challenges, you can always get an interview. You can get all sorts of opportunities for personal and professional development with openings in different functions, different divisions and even postings abroad if you like.”

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