Testimonial Jette Jensen

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jette jensen


”I started as an intern and went on to do my final thesis at LINAK. It was a very fine way to get to know both the people and the company. So, I was happy to get permanent employment here. I was getting new assignments and challenges all the time, but I had this irrational fear of getting stuck. I simply did not want to celebrate my 10th anniversary in the same job.”
The principle of not staying at the same company for 10 years made Jette accept, when she was approached by another company who wanted to make use of the LEAN competences, she had achieved at LINAK.
Missed new challenges
“I had learned a lot about LEAN in the production line at LINAK. This was a chance to work with LEAN on an administrative level in another company. However, the project was put on standby after 18 months, and I really missed the continuous flow of new challenges I had been used to at LINAK.”
Interesting management position
About this time the management position Jette had had her eye on at LINAK became vacant. This presented her with new prospects in returning to her old colleagues and surroundings at LINAK. Today Jette no longer dreads the thought of celebrating her 10th anniversary.
New opportunities all the time
“Not two days are alike at LINAK. You are constantly presented with new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development. We are always trying out something new. If it does not work, we find another way. And I quite like that I never really know what the day will bring when work begin in the morning.”
Just do it
“If you are considering a job at LINAK I will say: Just do it. We are like one big family. We take care of and worry about each other in a respectful manner. It is the creativity, the excitement and the pleasure we take in the job that unite us. We want something new. We want to improve at LINAK. And it is all based on people.”

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