We welcome unsolicited applications at LINAK. We are always interested to hear from potential employees, who would like to become part of the LINAK team.
Please describe the kind of job you are looking for. You should always be specific and direct even if the application is unsolicited.
Tell us why you are interested and think you are suited for this kind of job. Give us a short description of your professional background and qualifications. We would also like a few words about you personal background and interests.

When you apply
Please make out your application as described here. This will ensure that we get all relevant information to start the evaluation. 
In case of an unsolicited application, the HR Department will investigate if we have any job opportunities to match you qualifications. We aim to give you our response as quickly as possible upon receiving your application. We urge you to keep applying for any new vacancies that fits your profile even if you have sent in an unsolicited application at some time.

Submit your application to: