• Engineer, Jakob Svennesen
    "I got taken by the tone and culture in LINAK during my internship. So, I decided to make my final thesis at LINAK. This resulted in a permanent position and I am staying as long as I keep getting new challenges."
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  • Product Maintenance Manager, Jette Jensen
    "I dreaded the thought of a 10 year job anniversary a little. So, I left for 18 months. But really, no two days are alike at LINAK. Now I have come back for new challenges and opportunities."
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  • Development Engineer, Juan Miguel Torres
    "I would recommend LINAK to anybody even if they come from another country. We are all in the same boat here in a positive sense. You work hard, but everyone is kind and you feel close. For me it has definitely been a good choice."
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  • IT apprentice, Ronny Hansen
    "At LINAK they give you a chance if you are willing to take it. You can grow and develop a career even if you start in a routine job with no special qualifications. All doors are open if you show initiative."
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